for 6 years i did some sort of “favorite music of 20__” on my blog. today these are the music recommendations i care more about:

:: listen to music a lot

:: sing/dance/drum/air guitar along with it, even (especially) if you are on a crowded subway platform

:: don’t let cOrPoRaTe aLgOriThMz dictate your taste! listen to things outside of spotify, watch things that aren’t on netflix instant. this feels so trite to say but those companies are capitalist engines and don’t care about supporting art!

:: try to listen to more music that isn’t made by white dudes

:: try to listen to more music made by artists who live near you

:: pay for music whenever you can! paying for spotify doesn’t count. pay especially if it’s directly through an artist’s bandcamp or label page and not itunes, especially if it’s from someone who isn’t already making a lot of money, especially if it’s not a white dude, especially if they live near you

:: don’t worry about taste hierarchies. “guilty pleasure” is an oppressive notion. wtf should guilt have to do with it?? if you like a song, it’s good. it is the right song for you to listen to at that moment. listen to whatever song you want to 100 times in a row

:: talk to your friends about music all the time. ask them how a song they like makes them feel. tell them to check out a song you love and gush about what you love about it. think about what it’s doing to your brain and how a sound is reminding you of a day in spring when you were in 6th grade and someone you had a crush on looked really nice. overanalyze the weird way alanis morissette pronounces words while driving through mississippi. i promise you will enjoy these activities. but then again i’m someone who thinks the most romantic activity possible is lying in bed with someone and poring over and discussing the complex emotional history behind each other’s top 25 most played lists in itunes

for real tho hearing music and making meaning out of it is such a fun and rewarding thing to do in life. i do it every day and it’s so reassuring to know that unless i go deaf i will literally always be able to do this thing that i fucking love. even if i spend the rest of my life in a box performing some sort of sisyphean task and not talking to anyone if i had some good earbuds i would be ok i think

ALL THAT SAID because precisely one person asked (s/o felipe) i put together a “favorite music of 2015” thing

here is a hastily assembled list of what seemed at that moment like my very favorite songs of the year. i went a lot of places this year so each of these is associated with a very specific place memory. maybe someday i’ll write about dancing to “fourfiveseconds” at a house in mandeville, louisiana, or listening to , “yes i’m changing” cruising in my friend’s car in tahoe city, “silver car crash” on the going-to-the-sun road in glacier natl park, or “sparks” in big sur. for now i’m just listening and remembering and leaving words out of it

here’s the spotify version of a playlist i kept in itunes throughout the year, of albums i fell in love with
as ever, not all of them were released in 2015. as ever, not all of them are on spotify: don’t miss lil b & chance the rapper’s delightful free (based freestyles mixtape), ratking’s 700 fill ep, vince staples’ shyne coldchain vol. 2, adele’s 25 (as if that would be possible to ‘miss’) and divers from the inimitable joanna “spotify is the banana of the music industry, it just gives off a fume, also i hate bananas” newsom

i started compiling the equivalent rolling list of beloved tracks (much more comprehensive than the shortlist above) and quickly got frustrated how many of them were not on spotify so i stopped. banana newsom is right yall, spotify is pretty dumb


~ by toren on January 6, 2016.

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