Nicki Minaj / Drake singles comps

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friends, we are very lucky.

we are lucky because we are alive and have ears in Our Year of Drake & Nicki Minaj 2014. the near-constant stream of singles and features that these two have bestowed upon us of late is, heard in sequence, as exhilarating and memorable as any proper album released in 2014; as such, i’ve roamed hither and yon o’er the vast mp3 fields of the internet and harvested those tracks for you. (i would make this a spotify playlist but a lot of it’s self-released and as such isn’t on there.)

nicki’s released her fair share of excellent singles this year (as well as what may be my favorite video of the year), but her comp skews more towards a prolific and indomitable run of features that have asserted her as, for my money, the greatest rapper alive. who else is performing at such a high level that every line of every verse demands your absolute attention? (ok, kendrick, but he’s been relatively quiet this year.) on wednesday, she released “only”, the third official single from the pink print (following “pills n potions” and “anaconda”, which collectively have me hyped as fuck for her album), on which her, drake, and grandpa weezy go Full Ham — and i mean, like, hammy. not H.A.M.

that willingness to ham it up is a huge part of what’s so great about these two: their cheeseball theatricality. rap is being run by a couple of theater kids who delight in the artifice of performance. even when they’re at their most aggressive, threatening, boastful, there’s a delightful aura of camp to it. it pokes holes in rap’s foundational braggadocio while simultaneously reaffirming and reveling in it.

with nicki, that experimentation with rap’s ideological underpinnings goes hand in hand with her explosive, raunchy, and still widely misunderstood feminism —rly tho, how can you watch the “lookin ass” or “anaconda” videos and miss the incredibly powerful things she’s saying about the male gaze and being a woman in the pervasively male world of rap?

with drake, that theatricality is an amplification of what has always been a huge part of his appeal. early on, he’d spit a dumb ass punchline in one verse, get all mushy the next, and wrap up with a never-quite-believable threat. on nothing was the same, we saw Cornball Drake, Sentimental Drake, and Evil Drake all merge into one: it’s that fusion that made “worst behavior” such a monument of personality. the unimpeachable spree of impromptu soundcloud drops he’s unleashed since that album’s release are just the victory lap. on a song like “trophies” he’s more boastful AND more campy than ever, and it’s the camp that helps sell the aggression (plus the fact that he now churns out memorable one-liners at a truly alarming rate).

i could go on endlessly about this but i’ll leave it at that. you’ll notice some stray songs from 2013 on drake’s half: “5am in toronto,” “girls love beyonce” and “the motion” were all released prior to nothing was the same but they’re great and i figured you might want em. “we made it” and “trophies” were released late last year. and the “versace” remix is just too good to leave off.

umm and yeah they’re in mostly-chronological order with some flip-flopping for flow.

nicki – [download]

01 :: ‘lookin ass’
02 :: yg – ‘my n***a’ remix ft. lil wayne, rich homie quan & meek mill
03 :: young thug – ‘danny glover’ remix
04 :: tyga – ‘senile’ ft. lil wayne
05 :: ‘chi-raq’ ft. lil herb
06 :: ‘pills n potions’
07 :: ‘yasss bish!’ ft. soulja boy
08 :: usher – ‘she came to give it to you’
09 :: future – ‘rock star’
10 :: ariana grande – ‘bang bang’ ft. jessie j
11 :: ‘anaconda’
12 :: beyoncé – ‘flawless’ remix
13 :: juicy j – ‘low’ ft. lil bibby & young thug
14 :: trey songz – ‘touchin, lovin’
15 :: rae sremmurd – ‘no flex zone’ remix
16 :: ‘only’ ft. drake, lil wayne & chris brown

drizzy – [download]

01 :: ‘5am in toronto’
02 :: ‘girls love beyoncé’ ft. james fauntleroy
03 :: migos – ‘versace’ remix
04 :: ‘the motion’ ft. sampha
05 :: ‘we made it’ freestyle ft. soulja boy
06 :: yg – ‘who do you love?’
07 :: ‘trophies’
08 :: ‘draft day’
09 :: ‘days in the east’
10 :: lil wayne – ‘believe me’
11 :: ‘0 to 100 / the catch up’
12 :: ‘how about now’
13 :: ‘heat of the moment’
14 :: ‘6 god’
15 :: ilovemakonnen – ‘club goin up on a tuesday’ remix


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