Best of ’13 Extravaganza?



So if you listened to the first episode of Brad and I saying words as the Incompletists recently, you learned that we think hierarchical Best Of The Year lists might be antithetical to the open-minded way in which both of us are striving to engage with culture. So I’m not gonna do a big listmania thing on here like I have the past few years. But you ALSO learned that we think lists are a nice, harmless way for critically-minded folks like ourselves to recommend things to our friends, so that’s the mindset I had in creating a few Spotify playlists that attempt to capture my listening life this year.

You might already be following my “rolling favorites of 2013” playlist, which kept throughout the year as a running tally of songs I was “obsessed” with at one or more points during 2013. Not all of them came out in 2013, but I did fall in love with all of them for the first time this year. KEEP IN MIND that there’s a lot of stuff on there that isn’t on Spotify; it should show up greyed-out in the list anyway but I’m not all that confident about that.

I also hastily threw together a thing of albums I really liked and one of songs that reallllllly pulled me into their orbit. These playlists are in an order that very, very vaguely reflects how much I care about these things, at this specific moment in time. Take it with a grain of salt but know that the things near the top are the ones I’m recommending to you HARD.

The albums list ended up being 41 albums, which is more than I wanted/intended to have on there, but hey. More recommendations for ya! I’m very bad at being judicious about this kind of thing. 5 of those albums are not on Spotify but you should ¡ABSOLUTELY! not let that prevent you from hearing them — those albums are Run the Jewels’ self-titled, My Bloody Valentine’s m b v, Beyoncé’s self-titled, Jai Paul’s self-titled, and ESPECIALLY Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap. This is maybe my favorite album of the year and it’s a $FREEEEEE$ mixtape! Go download it!

The fave songs list ended up being 14 (fun numerical symmetry!); I’m counting Meek Mill’s incredible, heart-wrenching “Lil Snupe” diptych (pt 1 / pt 2) as one song. That duo, along with Chance the Rapper’s effervescent “Cocoa Butter Kisses” are the only ones on that playlist missing from Spotify. Animal Collective’s “Safer” came out back in 2009 but it meant a lot to me this year.

Go forth!


~ by toren on January 16, 2014.

One Response to “Best of ’13 Extravaganza?”

  1. Thanks for introducing me to Help Me Lose My Mind by Disclosure & London Grammar.
    That track is going in an upcoming blogpost named “2013 music that should have been in my top 100”

    Also, I really need to give that Jai Paul album a listen, thanks for reminding me.

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