Mixtape – “Eastern Parkway”

eastern parkway

cover photo credit Cooper Hardee! cover design credit, me.

Hi! I made a mixtape of songs I’ve been listening to with steady to alarming frequency for the past few weeks as the weather has changed. Many of them could be said to possess “autumnal vibes” but that could be said of like, almost every song that isn’t “What Is Love?”, and pseudo-synesthetic music/season association is such a subjective kind of thing anyway. The other commonality is that I’ve had sort of A Special Moment with each of these songs as I’ve biked down Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights on my way home from work; hence the title. You should support all of these artists and buy their music if you like these jams, but you should ESPECIALLY support Alpenglow, who are people I like a lot and deserve your dollars. They just released their sublime debut EP, which you can listen to and buy HERE.

I would just make this a playlist on Spotify or whatever but I wanted to do some crossfading of the tracks to make this thing flow, so it comes to you as a zip file. Can u handle that? Just think of it as…an artisanal playlist. Many artisanal touchpad clicks went into making this nice handmade digital object for YOU. So unzip that thing and let the patient folk and gentle psychedelia wash over you.

Point your eyeballs at the tracklist below and download it HERE!

01 Animal Collective – “Guy’s Eyes”
02 Brendan Canning – “Plugged In”
03 Arcade Fire – “It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)”
04 Alpenglow – “Catskills”
05 Fishmans – “Part 5”
06 The Acorn – “Misplaced”
07 Houses – “Soak It Up”
08 Vetiver – “Can’t You Tell”
09 The Walkmen – “Lisbon”
10 Cass McCombs – “Everything Has To Be Just So”
11 Andrew Cedermark – “Memories, Ah!”
12 Mutual Benefit – “Advanced Falconry”


~ by toren on October 31, 2013.

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