Rostam – “Wood”

Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij posted his first solo single to his Tumblr yesterday, and it’s the best thing I’ve heard in at least a week. I’m not a big fan of Discovery, his side project with Ra Ra Riot’s Wesley Miles (nor of “The Trick”, the track he produced on Das Racist’s Relax…but that’s more DR’s fault than his), so I didn’t have high expectations for this track, but it went ahead and knocked my socks off anyway.

You could almost mistake “Wood” for one of Rostam’s Vampire Weekend arrangements, but there’s a strong emphasis on Iranian folk music that you won’t find in any VW track, and he seems more intent on creating a tapestry of sonic detail (possibly with samples?) than creating backing for Ezra Koenig’s singing — though Rostam does lay down a few vocals of his own, sounding a bit like David Byrne at his most relaxed. Stream and download the breezy track below.



P.S. I could look at that single artwork all day.


~ by toren on September 28, 2011.

One Response to “Rostam – “Wood””

  1. […] sample-pop quite different from VW’s work. Check out what I wrote about “Wood” here. […]

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