The Knife – “Marble House” / Korallreven – “As Young As Yesterday”

From “Let The Right One In”, a movie which now haunts me whenever I listen to The Knife.

I’ve never been the most avid Silent Shout fan, but recently I really connected with the track “Marble House”, which demonstrates how capably this duo can make music that is at once menacing and extremely catchy.

Maybe I’m forcing this connection because both acts are Swedish, but I couldn’t help but notice a superficial similarity between “Marble House” and another track I’ve been playing on repeat lately: “As Young As Yesterday”, the single from the upcoming debut LP by Korallreven (which features one of the members of The Radio Dept.). It has some guest vocals from Victoria Bergsman, best known for her appearance on Peter, Bjorn & John’s “Young Folks”.

Both have a loping, propulsive rhythm and are driven by deep, bass synth tones. But even more interesting than their similarities are their contrasts, which are stark. They start with similar elements, and both have a distinctly Swedish feel, but their respective moods seem to occupy opposite ends of the Scandinavian musical spectrum: “Marble House” is icy, sinister, and even evil sounding, where “As Young As Yesterday” is breezy, wistful, and sunny. Most importantly, they’re both great songs, and you should stream them below.

The Knife ft. Jay-Jay Johanson – “Marble House”

Korallreven ft. Victoria Bergsman – “As Young As Yesterday”


~ by toren on September 20, 2011.

One Response to “The Knife – “Marble House” / Korallreven – “As Young As Yesterday””

  1. Thanks for sharing these tracks. Didn’t even know about the upcoming Korallreven LP in Nov, hasn’t been very well advertized, thanks for telling! I like the fact The Radio Dept. member is involved, as I love that band to bits ( :

    I’ve become familiar with Korallreven due to Gorilla vs. Bear promoting them in their monthly mixtapes.
    I even shared a few of their tracks in my Top Dream Pop Songs of 2011. A couple of tracks you told me about by Small Black and Twin Shadows also made the cut in the 2010 bonus part.
    I’d be curious to hear what you make of my list?

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