Quick question:

How frequently/how many ads do yall see when you visit this site? Do they appear on every post? Are there usually more than one? As the admin of the blog, they don’t show up whenever I’m logged in. I’ve been increasingly fed up with WordPress lately and this might affect my decision to hop over to another platform so if you could just give me some quick feedback on this, I’d really appreciate it.


~ by toren on August 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Quick question:”

  1. so i clicked through from google reader to your home page–no ads there. clicked through to five or so articles from your home page, and still no ads.

    oh, then i DISabled my adblocker and did it all again. stupid me, but the good news is you’re ad-free as far as i can tell.

    • thanks dude, you rock! i could tell from my page-hit-counter thing that a ton of people had viewed this post but hadn’t taken two minutes to respond.

      the ads seem to vary when i’ve done it from other computers…..probably has something to do with adblocker settings or something.

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