THE WAR ON DRUGS: Slave Ambient

Slave Ambient, the second LP by Philly road-rockers The War on Drugs, has hit the web–it’s now available as a digital download if you preorder a physical copy. This is one of my more highly anticipated releases of the year, and after listening about 2/3 of the way through, I can say that they’ve done what I was hoping they would with this release, and what they were signaling they might do on last years Future Weather EP. They’ve trimmed some of the fat that was there on 2008’s Wagonwheel Blues while still maintaining their sense of continent-spanning grandeur. In fact, they’ve made their sound even bigger, adding both more synthesizer atmospherics and stadium-ready muscle. Frontman Adam Granduciel still has his Dylanesque drawl (a fact that ties them to former bandmate Kurt Vile, who also released an excellent album this year), but they’ve upped the Springsteen quotient on this release.

A few early glimpses: “Baby Missiles” is the first single, and also appeared on Future Weather, “Brothers” is a beefed-up take on the track of the same name from Future Weather, and “Come to the City”, the second advance release, is an absolutely epic early highlight (complete with refrains of “I’ve been raaaaaaamblliiiiiiiiiinnnn” and “I’ve been driiiifttttiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn”), not to be confused with Future Weather‘s minute-long “Come to the City #14”.

“Baby Missiles”




“Come to the City”


~ by toren on July 25, 2011.

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