Action Bronson – “The Madness”

So I’m halfway through Dr. Lecter by NY rap newcomer Action Bronson and this dude (along with producer Tommy Mas, who supplied this album’s full array of thoroughly fresh beats) is seriously rocking my ears right now. As folks have been saying, he does indeed sound quite a bit like Ghostface, and delivers his verses with a similar urgency. But he’s no imitator. The guy knows how to spit a verse. In a year when I haven’t found myself listening to that much hip-hop, this album is filling a much needed void. I’ve found myself giggling constantly as he delivers mockingly self-serious rhymes about hamburgers, fudge, and marinara. I can tell you right now I’m going to be playing this album quite a bit in the coming months.

Action Bronson – “The Madness”


PS: Weirdly, about five tracks in, when I was like “this is the best new hip-hop album I’ve heard this year,” looked Bronson up and discovered he was white, I felt weird, like a little disappointed…or a little guilty. I thought, am I enjoying this because he’s white and therefore I “get” it more or something? I definitely don’t think that’s true, but I thought that momentary reaction was interesting.

~ by toren on June 30, 2011.

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