The Roots + Weird Al / Peter, Bjorn & John

Here’s two unexpected covers to get you Tuesday started. The first features Weird Al on accordion, backed by The Roots (how they found themselves in the same room, I know not…but that’s where the Roots are at these days), playing the beat from Madvillainy highlight “Accordion”. Their laughter and studio banter in the background is really what makes this gem, which showed up on the Stones Throw website last week, pop. (“Drag it out, Al!”) The only thing that would make it better would be if Black Thought did MF DOOM’s original verse or spit a verse of his own. Check out the cover on YouTube below, and listen to the original below that.

DAMN that is an ugly picture. It comes from the art for Peter, Bjorn & John’s career-defining single “Young Folks”. Somehow I hadn’t heard the SITAR VERSION (!!!) which they released on the Writer’s Block bonus disc until the other day when my brother played it. COOL! Check it out below.

Peter, Bjorn & John – “Sitar Folks”



~ by toren on June 28, 2011.

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