M83 album teaser trailer!

The bits leaked to the press by M83-dude Anthony Gonzalez about his upcoming “very, very, very epic” double album (!!) have gotten me disproportionately excited for the as-yet-unnamed release, and the teaser trailer that he released on YouTube today pretty much took that to the next level. Every new fact revealed about the album–from it’s “dark, heavily orchestrated” sound to rumored Zola Jesus collabs–have prompted me to repost them in some form or another. This teaser, which must be the most effective advertisement for an album I’ve ever seen, is the best one yet.

Clearly the dude has a taste for the grandiose–he named his band after a fucking galaxy–and the audio and visuals of this trailer are pretty much that sensibility taken to the extreme. He’s stated that the album is mainly about dreams, but it seems like his thought process here was “fuck it, I’ll just make an album about EVERYTHING.” I won’t spoil the glory of the indescribable sounds and images with any more of my paltry words. Just watch the damn thing.


~ by toren on June 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “M83 album teaser trailer!”

  1. all teasers in the music industry feel dirty to me. this one was as good as they get (since it’s at least a nice, stand-alone piece), but for whatever reason still doesn’t quite sit comfortably.

    – sam

    • i kinda feel the same way about advertisements for albums on websites — but mostly because those are created by the labels. i feel like album teaser trailers are mostly the band’s choice, and creatively controlled by them. plus, considering how hard it is to get your album noticed in the insane torrent of music coming out all the time now, and not let it just slip by — let alone trying to actually SELL copies of it — i can grant acts i like a whole lot of leeway.
      we live in a post-’selling out’ era.

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