New Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

A couple days ago, early-2000s indie heroes Clap Your Hands Say Yeah released “Same Mistake,” the first single from Hysterical (out in September). For all the fans of their first record who hadn’t forgotten about them (and those who had, I suppose), this is GREAT news. Especially because “Same Mistake” is a knockout song, and doesn’t simply aim to replicate their original sound.

This promising track comes after a long period of what seems like creative indecision and stagnancy. Sophomore release Some Loud Thunder and Ounsworth’s solo releases are not bad albums per se, but they lack the intangible magic of their self-titled debutand sometimes, made me question what was so great about CYHSY to begin with.

But this spring, I fell in love with that untouchable first release all over again. So it felt like a missive from heaven that they announced Hysterical just as I was thinking, man, what happened to this band?? If “Same Mistake” is any indication of the upcoming album’s direction and quality I have a feeling they won’t be making the SAME MISTAKE they have in the past!!!! Eh??? Eh??! [THAT’S A SONG TITLE PUN]

Hopefully this isn’t an “Under Cover of Darkness” heralding an Angles. I will remain cautiously optimistic.


~ by toren on June 17, 2011.

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