The internet is weird

It’s always really interesting to me when glimpses of trends out the in the vastness of the internet peek into my blog via WordPress’ amazing stats feature. What a WordPress blog’s “Site Stats” section shows a blog’s admin is not just how many hits the site gets in a day, but how many times each specific post gets viewed, which links people click on your blog, what sites refer them there, and most revealingly, what search terms lead people to your blog.

The day my blog got it’s record number of hits was the day Radiohead announced The King of Limbs, and what the search terms function showed me was that this is because my post expressing excitement for the album’s release included the word “mediafire” in it. Thousands of people a day were typing “radiohead king of limbs mediafire” into Google that week, and hundreds of them ended up clicking on my post.

More recently, the review that I wrote (originally for the Middlebury Campus) on the film YellowBrickRoad after it screened at Middlebury (it was created by two Midd alums) has been consistently generating a solid number of hits every day for more than 5 or 6 weeks now. According to IMDB, it screened at a film festival in Belgium sometime in April, so I’m guessing that appearance (though it’s not the film’s first festival appearance by a long shot) is what has triggered all the buzz.

There’s really not that much to this observation, I just like the small view having a blog affords me into the bowels of the internet. It also makes me think it probably wouldn’t be that hard to manipulate these internet trends to get more hits–those spam websites that literally consist entirely of lists of words are the extreme example of that. But I’m not going to do that. I just want to congratulate Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton on the viral fanbase their film seems to be building up.


~ by toren on June 16, 2011.

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