Part of the horde now.

Last week, I reluctantly bought my first apple product. It is an 8GB iPod Nano. (People think it’s weird that I would buy one of these when I tell them, but trust me, my reasoning for doing so is sound.) The orgy of Apple worship at the super fancy underground 59th st store (these guys are doing their damndest to imprint themselves on the NYC landscape — just look at Grand Central) almost changed my mind. But I can’t deny they make by far the best mp3 players on the market now, especially since Creative (from whom I bought the two other mp3 players I have owned) have veered off into making players that are more concerned with being shiny than playing my music.

Which brings me to my more important point: my nearly 5 1/2-year-old Creative 30GB Zen Vision M is finally hanging up his hat and retiring.

This is by far the most reliable electronic device I have ever owned. In 5 years — way past the planned obsolescence period for these things — it had basically no problems. The screen has been broken for a while now (which was entirely my fault), but using the programmable top left button I could still press “Play Random Album” and listen to albums in full, which is how I almost always listen to music anyway. Other than that, it’s been a flawless piece of technology, and it still works. I just got tired of not really being able to choose what to listen to (plus it doesn’t scrobble to (I know, I suck)).

The last song it played was “Black Water Falls” by The War On Drugs, which seems like an appropriate note to go out on for some reason.

Creative mp3 player: thank u for the many years of companionship, and the tens of thousands of tunez we enjoyed together. u will b 4ever in my ❤ bb.


~ by toren on March 17, 2011.

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