Just preordered the digital (320 mp3) version of this.

So I thought I might as well do what every single other person on the internet is doing right now and blog about it.

First of all, they picked the best possible time to announce this release, striking dead in the heart of the big-time Radiohead phase I’ve been in the past couple of weeks.

Also, the fact that I just paid for this is significant in my music-consumption habits. For better or worse, I usually reserve paying for music for smaller groups that I really want to champion and I feel really need my money to make a living off of music. Or good-cause releases like the Dark Was The Night compilation. But for the second album in a row, they’ve come up with a way of releasing their music that has compelled me to pay for it. This time around, I wanted to be part of the global listening party that’s going to be happening on Saturday morning, and I didn’t want to mess around with leaks and removed mediafire uploads and potentially low-quality mp3s. What’s weird is this: the fact that they make me want to pay for music puts me even more in awe of their ingenuity and, reflexively, makes me want to pay for it even more!

Can’t wait til Saturday!


~ by toren on February 14, 2011.

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