Favorite EPs & Concerts of 2010

Why not?:

Favorite EPs

1. Girls – Broken Dreams Club








2. Lord Huron – Into the Sun / Mighty

3. Dom – Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

4. The War On Drugs – Future Weather

5. The Tallest Man On Earth – Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird

6. Teen Daze – Four More Years

7. Real Estate – Reality

8. Wye Oak – My Neighbor/My Creator

Favorite Concerts:

  • Arcade Fire @ Osheaga Festival in Montreal
  • Wilco @ Solid Sound Festival in North Adams, Mass
  • LCD Soundsystem @ Memorial Theater in Burlington
  • The National @ House of Blues in Boston
  • Small Black @ Middlebury College
  • Broken Social Scene @ Higher Ground in Burlington
  • Japandroids @ Osheaga (specifically, moshing during Japandroids’ show)
  • The Books @ Solid Sound
  • The Morning Benders @ Higher Ground
  • The Tallest Man On Earth @ Club Metronome in Burlington

~ by toren on December 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Favorite EPs & Concerts of 2010”

  1. no moonface? that shit was epic
    all hail the rise of the long format song, the most interesting trend in music 2010!

    impossible soul, marimba and shit drums, battle of hampton roads, baby birch, dance yrself, love cry, little people, runaway = all about 9+ min and some of the best traxx of the year

    long is the new strong!

    • you make a good point, lotta dope long songs this year. ‘love cry’ would’a been on my top songs had it not appeared there in 2009, when it was released as an advance single.

      of course, 2009 had such lengthy works of greatness as snookered, september with pete, hellhole ratrace, you are the blood (aka age of adz preview), and love like a sunset, not to mention many great electronic/dance songs which are long by nature. but it does seem like the crop of great long songs was especially copious this year. i haven’t heard of moonface’s “marimba and shit-drums”, but the title tells me it’s worth checking out

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