Queens of the Stone Age / T. Rex mashup

Queens of the Stone Age vs. T. Rex – “Turning On The Screw” vs. “Rip Off”

I’m on a bit of a T. Rex kick right now, and I discovered this mashup which I must have downloaded 3 or 4 years ago but never listened to.  I thought it merited posting because so few mashups are good as anything beyond novelty.  This one takes the HUGE instrumentals from QotSA’s “Turning On The Screw” (one of my favorites by them) and pairs them with the snarling vocals from T. Rex’s “Rip Off”, from their classic 1971 album Electric Warrior.  It’s a match made in heaven; Bolan’s vocal part suits those crunchy pagan guitars perfectly, and it preserves the best thing about the original QotSA song (the instrumentals and the chorus), shortening it to fit the T. Rex song and eliminating the bloat.  I believe it’s my mashup artist ToToM.  Here it is:

ToToM – “Rip Off the Screw”


~ by toren on December 8, 2010.

One Response to “Queens of the Stone Age / T. Rex mashup”

  1. Cool! I wonder to what extent enjoyment of a mashup depends on already knowing the original two songs.

    I think my favorite two-song mashup of all time is “Drug Drug Kiss Kiss”: T-Pain/Chris Brown’s “Kiss Kiss” vs. AC Newman’s “Miracle Drug,” mashed up by The Hood Internet. Definitely a song that stands alone as more than just a funny indie-vs-rap novelty:


    Indie-vs-rap is my favorite mashup subgenre: at its best, it cuts out some of the more boring hip-hop beats and some of the more boring alternative lyrics, uniting the best of both.

    I’m done with finals and have spare time on my hands!


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