Girls – “Carolina”

Peep this epic closing cut from the new Broken Dreams Club EP by the difficult-to-Google sunny California popsmiths Girls.  I like the EP quite a bit as a whole — I always like EPs where bands take the opportunity to expand their sonic palette in between albums…..Bon Iver’s Blood Bank and Iron & Wine’s Woman King quickly come to mind.  “Carolina” is certainly unlike anything that appeared on Album, their debut.  It starts out as a dirgelike minor-key plodder, slowly adding thudding drums and some hypnotic (and out-of-character) vocals from Owens.  Then the soundscape drops away and he sings a melody — almost identical to one part of “Hellhole Ratrace” — unaccompanied (it’s a good melody, so I’ll let it slide).  Soon, this poppier strain and the heavy stuff from the song’s first half coalesce into a wonderful whole, replete with electronic flourishes and layered “doo-ron-ron-ron” background vocals.  It’s quite a piece of work.

Girls – “Carolina”


~ by toren on November 17, 2010.

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