Mondegreen, Bon Iver, more

Salutations, Juggalos and Juggalettes!

The Ashtray Says has sort of fallen by the wayside for a few days now as I’ve been running the gauntlet of The Week From Hell, and I’ve really still got too much to do to be piddling away the time with bloggingz.  But I guess I’ve felt a bit relieved because last night, my lovely co-editors and I more or less finished the layout for MONDEGREEN (etymology: here), Middlebury College’s one and only music magazine.  We’ve got a few things to polish up tonight, but you can expect that to be distributed early next week, so if you’re a Middlebury person reading this, DEFINITELY check it out!  It’s filled with some great stuff.

For now, I’m just ridin solo at the radio show after which this blog is named (tune in!), and I just wanted to share a few songs witcha before I head down to NYC (probably) for the Quidditch World Cup tomorrow.

Bon Iver – “Come Talk To Me”

I can’t believe I hadn’t come across this beaut’!  Taken from Peter Gabriel’s I’ll Scratch Yours comp (artists’ responses to his covers of their songs on the Scratch My Back album), “Come Talk To Me” is yet another fine showcase of Justin Vernon’s angelic pipes and the sonic adventurousness that Bon Iver hinted at on the Blood Bank EP.  Really, really excited to see what direction they’ll go in when their next album comes around.

Bon Iver – “Come Talk To Me”

Small Black – “Camouflage”

The leadoff track from Small Black’s debut, New Chain, definitely struck me on first listen, but since this past weekend I’ve been absolutely addicted to it and it’s become my favorite song on the album.  WRMC is bringing them to Middlebury the Saturday after next, so I’m pretty megapumped about that.  I wish I knew the lyric that gets repeated at the end of this song — it sounds like “I know the weight that you carry,” but I’m really not sure, so if anyone has any idea, please tell me in a comment.  It’s tough for me to sing it incessantly when I don’t know what he’s saying.

p.s. I was pretty sure, after watching pitchfork’s P.O.V. video of them, that their bass player was Juan from the “Juan’s Basement” concert series.  I just looked it up and I was right!!!  Hooray super-esoteric internet niche music knowledge! Can’t tell if I’m impressed or disgusted with myself.

Small Black – “Camouflage”

Twin Shadow – “When We’re Dancing”

The debut album by Twin Shadow, Forget, is AWESOME.  Like that Small Black song, “When We’re Dancing” completely lodged itself deep inside my brain this week.  I think when I’m stressed I tend to get more fixated on specific songs, probably because my head is too scattered for me to think about what I “should” be listening to, so I just put on the thing that has the strongest grasp on my mind at the moment.  (A couple weeks ago, this same thing happened with a particular YouTube video of Frank Sinatra singing “Ol’ Man River”.)  Anyway, this is great stuff.  I was lucky enough to see Oberhofer, Twin Sister, and The Morning Benders play at Higher Ground this past Sunday, and Twin Shadow and Twin Sister have a weirdly similar thing going on — and not just because of the similarity of their names.  Ok I’ll shut up now.

Twin Shadow – “When We’re Dancing”

I leave you with this brilliant little comic from xkcd:


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