The Besnard Lakes cover The Beatles’ “I’ve Got A Feeling”

I’d think that after ten million Beatles covers and the brutal one-two punch of the vanilla soundtrack to I Am Sam and the especially putrid Across the Universe (a.k.a. “The Beatles: High School Musical Edition!”), I’d be a little burnt out on new versions of Fab Four songs.  But when I saw that Mojo Magazine put together an album of covers from Let It Be (an album covered comparatively less often than others, I think) with interesting artists like The Besnard Lakes, Phosphorescent, and Beth Orton, I checked out the tracklist.

Then I saw that The Besnard Lakes had covered “I’ve Got A Feeling”, which is one of my favorite underdog Beatles songs, from the only Beatles album that was enough of an underdog for Mojo to ask people to revisit and reconsider it.  I’ve been really into the Lakes for the past few months, and as far as “I’ve Got A Feeling” … well, I think that Lennon and McCartney could probably write songs like this in their sleep by the time this album came out and the Beatles were falling apart.  And that’s not a diss — my favorite thing about the song is their easygoing but obvious mastery of pop songcraft — it’s especially evident when John’s and Paul’s vocals overlap near the end.  They weren’t changing music as we know it with songs like this, but it seems like they could write them almost without trying.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to really hear songs like the original “I’ve Got A Feeling” (and many by the Beatles), because they are so ingrained in my musical memory that it’s nearly impossible to listen to them and be wowed by the songwriting like someone with fresh ears would.  The Besnard Lakes take it into new territory with effected guitar, walls of noise, and Olga Goreas’ pristine, crystal-clear vocals, and these changes do it well.  Well enough that it broke through my “hearing block”, so to speak, and made me feel the way I did when I heard Let It Be Naked or the lo-fi demo version of “Blackbird”.  Like, “they were just dudes writing these songs, bro!  Someone just sat down and wrote songs like ‘Blackbird’!” Anyway, this has gone on longer than I thought it would.  Here’s the track.

The Besnard Lakes – “I’ve Got A Feeling”


~ by toren on September 21, 2010.

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