Microreviews – 9.20.10

Matthew Dear – Black City

Grade: A-

Best Tracks: “You Put A Smell On Me”; “Gem”; “Little People (Black City)”; “Monkey”; “More Surgery”; “I Can’t Feel”

Comments: Dear slowly sucks you into his strange universe over the course of this weird, heavy album.  He manages to work his low, somewhat unpleasant vocals into the production so that it compliments the songs instead of damaging them.


No Age – Everything In Between

Grade: B+

Best Tracks: “Life Prowler”; “Glitter”; “Fever Dreaming”; “Depletion”; “Positive Amputation”; “Chem Trails”

Comments: Another fearlessly experimental (yet accessible) album from the LA duo.  They masterfully integrate walls of distortion with a keen melodic sensibility.  Some songs feel incomplete and sketchy, but the highlights are truly compelling and original.


Les Savy Fav Root For Ruin

Grade: B

Best Tracks: “Appetites”; “Clear Spirits”; “High and Unhinged”; “Excess Energies”; “Poltergeist”

Comments: Despite the occasional stumble, LSF’s new LP is filled with exceptional, energetic guitar work and Tim Harrington’s trademark wit.  This joins Titus Andronicus and Fang Island as one of the more ass-kicking albums of the year.

~ by toren on September 20, 2010.

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