Staples & Tweedy video (/ I’m back!)

Hey readers, I know this blog has basically been offline all summer out of sheer laziness, I certainly spent enough time on the computer at work that I could’ve been churning out posts like a machine, but w/e, I’ve probably been putting off starting it up again because how to summarize the absurd amount of music I’ve consumed this summer into one post?  So fuck it, today is one of those days where I’m just completely whoring around on the internet and I’ve been reading music blog posts like it’s my job and I just watched this goddamn fantastic video so what better time to kick back into things then now?

The video (here it is again if you missed that other link two inches away…won’t embed because almost nothing embeds in wordpress other than youtube) captures Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy covering CCR’s “Wrote A Song For Everyone” (Jesus that band was a hit factory).  It seems Staples and Tweedy have become fast friends as, if you weren’t aware, he wrote some songs for / produced her upcoming album You Are Not Alone, which will probably be the only 2010 release by someone over 50 that I will listen to (which seems sort of fucked up).  Anyway, I saw Mavis open for Wilco at the Solid Sound Festival at MASS MoCA a couple weekends back and she was just wonderful.  I love imagining the funny relationship her and Jeff must have (and I love that she calls him just “Tweedy”, as in “Tweedy, get yourself out here and play this next song with us!”).  This video captures that perfectly and you can see how 100% in tune with each other they are while performing music even though I imagine they are incredibly different people.  But they are both musicians to the bone so it practically seems like they’ve known each other their whole lives.  They’re not even singing harmony on the chorus, Jeff just doubles up with her, but it makes me fuzzy.  When they come around to the chorus for the last time and she grabs his arm sort of unconsciously and then they sort of giggle, it’s pure gold.

Hope you enjoy it.  And I’m glad to be doing this again.

~ by toren on August 25, 2010.

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