Microreviews – 7.28.10

Robyn – Body Talk Pt. 1

Grade: A-

Best Tracks: “Dancing On My Own”; “Cry When You Get Older”; “Fembot”; “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do”; “Dancehall Queen”

Comments: Robyn is what all electro-pop divas should sound like! And she seems to be totally on fire this year…two more of these mini-albums (Pts. 2 & 3) are slated for later this year.  There’s not much here, but the first four songs are pure pop gold.  And based on the strength of follow-up single “Hang With Me”, I’m very excited for Body Talk Pt. 2.

Paper Tiger – Made Like Us

Grade: B+

Best Tracks: “The Bully Plank”; “2nd Day Back”; “Make Make 2”; “Cigana”; “The Ritual”; “5360”

Comments: Expertly constructed instrumental hip-hop with its fair share of RJD2-esque boom-bap moments and spooky, ethereal DJ Shadow ones.  Doomtree’s Paper Tiger could afford to bring something more of his own to the table, but this is ultimately still a very satisfying album.


La Roux – s/t

Grade: C+

Best Tracks: “Bulletproof”; “In For The Kill”; “Tigerlily”; “Fascination”

Comments: The highlights here really shine, but the rest of the album descends into a pretty repetitive, monotonous electro-pop slog.  It seems like every song uses the same synths and drum sounds, and even Elly Jackson’s icy, powerful vocals can’t save such laziness.

~ by toren on July 28, 2010.

One Response to “Microreviews – 7.28.10”

  1. La Roux review is so true =)

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