Microreviews – 5.2.10

Goldfrapp – Head First

Grade: B

Best Tracks: “Rocket”; “Voicething”; “Believer”; “I Wanna Life”; “Alive”

Comments: This 80’s-sounding electronic disco-cheese should be way too corny to work (think a whole album made with the synths from “Jump” by Van Halen), but Goldfrapp pull it off.  Catchy melodies and a good sense for when to break from the formula, just a little bit.


E.G. Bailey – American Afrikan

Grade: B

Best Tracks: “America”; “American Afrikan”; “Liberia”; “Blues People”; “Oracles of Equiano”

Comments: Ambitious album that combines spoken word with found sound and historical audio samples and collages.  Sometimes a little short on the actual spoken word and long on the collages, though.


UNKLE – Where Did The Night Fall

Grade: B-

Best Tracks: “Falling Stairs”; “Natural Selection”; “Joy Factory”; “The Runaway”

Comments: Serviceable industrial / moody / trip-hoppy type stuff with a variety of solid guest vocalists.


~ by toren on May 2, 2010.

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