New Music Roundup! LCD, National, BSS, more

There’s been a flurry of releases in the past few days of songs from some heavily anticipated albums slated for release in the next month and a half or so.  I guess that’s always true, but I’ve been really impressed with the stuff I’ve heard in the past couple of days.  SO I DECIDED TO RASSLE EM UP IN ONE PLACE FOR YEH!

Though they haven’t released anything in the past few days, Broken Social Scene have generated a pretty ridiculous amount of buzz with the tracks they’ve released from their upcoming maelström, Forgiveness Rock Record“World Sick” broke the ice with great aplomb, and the few other tracks that have sort-of made their ways around have given us no reason to doubt that this will be a typically smashing BSS record.

The Hold Steady have released four songs, in a steady stream, from their upcoming fifth album, Heaven Is Whenever: “The Weekenders”, “Hurricane J”, “Rock Problems”, and “Barely Breathing”.  Each one has felt oddly disappointing to me, and I can’t quite say why.  Their usual fire simply seems to be a bit dimmer.  Maybe they’ll sound good when lined up in the right sequence, but I’m a bit worried.

Infinite Arms, due in about a month, is the upcoming third record from reverb-rock workmen Band of Horses.  The first single is called “Compliments”, and it’s great, but I was really struck yesterday upon hearing the second, titled “Laredo”.  I think maybe it’s the song’s slightly Neil Young & Crazy Horse-ish vibe (is this off-base?).  I don’t quite know how BoH do it…I guess I’m always surprised when bands consistently release great rock music that’s so straightforward.  These two songs have me purty pumped for the album’s release.

Onward!  Who’s excited for High Violet, the new album for The National? We saw them play “Terrible Love” on Fallon, we heard “Bloodbuzz Ohio” on their website, and now they’ve released my favorite single so far, “Afraid of Everyone”.  It makes me feel soupy inside.  This record is gonna be a doozy.

Last, but not least (probably most, actually): ‘The LCD Soundsystems“.  Heard of them?  Probably not, because their last album, Sound of Silver, never really made a splash.  Well now their new one, This is Happening, is streaming in its entirety over on their website.  I have nothing to tell you other than to get your ass over their right now.  I’m just finishing my first listen through, and it’s Fucken Good.  Really, I don’t have much else to say about it; the only general judgment I can pass is that it’s different enough to be fresh and familiar enough to still be goddamn LCD Soundsystem.  James Murphy should be canonized.

I hope you’re now as excited as I am about the onslaught of fantastic albums that May has in store for us!


~ by toren on April 14, 2010.

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  3. […] Hold Steady’s Heaven Is Whenever were both slated for release on May 4th (as mentioned in my New Music Roundup post), but now they’re both steaming online at NPR’s website (which more and more bands […]

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