Songs of the Moment: Dance Sandwich Edition

Air France – “June Evenings” – No Way Down EP

The Juan MacLean – “The Simple Life” – The Future Will Come

I’ve just been on a total dance music binge today (my Ashtray Says radio playlist consisted of dance music almost exclusively), so I thought I’d throw down a couple of my favs that I listened today.

1) This sunwashed Air France track comes from their 2008 EP that also held the beloved “Collapsing at Your Doorstep”.  I wish they’d release their debut full-length in time for this summer so I have more songs like “June Evenings” to listen to in the sun.

“June Evenings”

2) I don’t think The Juan MacLean have ever gotten the deserved attention that some of their DFA labelmates have.  This one is my favorite off of their 2009 album The Future Will Come, and it’s pretty simple (oh look, a pun) but it captures a lot of what I love about The JMC sound (and DFA sound in general).  Especially those relentless, driving disco drums.  It’s really a shame drummer Jerry Fuchs (also drummer for !!!) passed away; you can really hear his expert, energetic touch, even on a drum line as simple as this one.  He had the sauce.

“The Simple Life”

~ by toren on April 8, 2010.

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