Song of the Moment: “Cissy Strut”

The Meters – “Cissy Strut” – The Meters

Noticed that my last three posts all had somber pictures of solo dudes, so I thought I’d mix it up a bit with this 60’s funk classic.  For some reason, I hadn’t heard The Meters until recently, and I’m not really sure how famous they were; my parents had never heard them, but they were key players in the early days of funk.  “Just Kissed My Baby” and the mindblowing jam “It Ain’t No Use” are also essential listening, but “Cissy Strut” is the only song I’ve ever listened to that rivals “Superstition” as the greatest alarm-clock-wakeup-song I can think of.  Maybe it’s that “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh-yah!” that kicks it off, or maybe the incredible interplay between the four instruments.  Do yourself a favor and listen to it.

“Cissy Strut”


~ by toren on March 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Song of the Moment: “Cissy Strut””

  1. You gotta check out “People Say” as well, that’s my jam.

  2. thanks Matt Cherchio!

  3. I confess that I used to listen to this song at school when it was sunny and walk to class, imagining myself as a 6’5 brotha with a sweet afro and huge sunglasses.

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