2 new Tallest Man on Earth songz

“Burden of Tomorrow” & “Kids on the Run” from The Wild Hunt [upcoming]

In the interest of experimentation, I’m gonna try ditching the “song of the day” thing and just posting songs whenever I feel da urge.  If this is just an mp3 blog, which it seems like it’s turning out to be, for the most part, why should I be so formal about posting mp3s?  Maybe I should be posting a download link too…guess I’ll try that out.  More illegal yay.

So I listened to the new Tallest Man on Earth album today.  It’s at least as good as Shallow Graves, I think.  Perhaps you’ve already heard excellent advance track “King of Spain”?  The album feels familiar but slightly more varied, almost imperceptibly so.  But here are two that jumped out at me.  “Burden” felt a little more poppy, or something, the melody feels like it could’ve come from some, like, 70’s pop song.  Just a very vague feeling I got from it.  And “Kids”, the closing track on the album, surprises us with piano, something we haven’t heard Kristian Matsson use on his 2 1/2 albums up to this point.  Here they be:

“Burden of Tomorrow”

“Kids on the Run”

~ by toren on March 27, 2010.

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