“Treme” trailer

I guess I hadn’t really fully comprehended the fact that David Simon (the man behind The Wire) is actually coming out with a new show, like, really soon.  This trailer drilled that info into my brain.  And son, I am not disappoint.  Not disappoint at all.  In fact, son, I am excite.  Can’t wait for more Bunk & Freamon in my life.  Ooh, and John Goodman!  And apparently, Cassidy from Lost/Joanie Stubbs from Deadwood is in it also.  I’m sure it will be riveting and revealing and cathartic and heartbreaking and all those things that The Wire was, even if it doesn’t topple Wire from it’s “best show ever made” throne.

In other TV news, Breaking Bad returns for Season 3 this Sunday.  Oh. Em. Gee.

~ by toren on March 17, 2010.

One Response to ““Treme” trailer”

  1. Not gonna lie, Treme and Breaking Bad S3, I’m beyond stoked for both. If time allows, I’m going to have to start The Wire all over again.

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