Microreviews – 3.15.10

Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

Grade: A

Best Tracks: “World News”; “Airplanes”; “Who Knows, Who Cares”; “Sun Hands”; “Shape Shifter”; “Cards & Quarters”; “Stranger Things”; “Camera Talk”

Comments: Most reviewers have insisted on commenting that Local Natives’ music is an amalgam of the most trendy sounds in current indie rock–to varying degrees of success.  But everything is influenced by something, and it seems unimportant if a band wears those influences more or less proudly when the songs are so damn good; energetic and catchy, noisy and intimate all at once.

The Whigs – In The Dark

Grade: B+

Best Tracks: “Dying”; “Hundred / Million”; “So Lonely”; “Automatic”; “Kill Me Carolyne”

Comments: Jangly southern indie rock (a la R.E.M.) with lots of fuzzed out guitar/bass and heavy drums (a la recent Kings of Leon…but not utter tripe like recent Kings of Leon).  Great guitar hooks and catchy choruses abound.


Liars – Sisterworld

Grade: B

Best Tracks: “Proud Evolution”; “Scissor”; “Too Much, Too Much”; “The Overachievers”; “No Barrier Fun”

Comments: Liars return with another album of dissonant, tense art-rock, this one less “concept-y” than their previous release Drum’s Not DeadSisterworld takes some patience, but you’ll find there’s actual pop hidden under the music’s cryptic exterior.


jj – jj n° 3

Grade: C

Best Tracks: “Voi Parlate, lo Gioco”; “Into the Light”; “No Escapin’ This”; “And Now”

Comments: jj certainly have their shtick down (hidden identities, cryptic album art, inverted rap references), but their music rarely lives up to that intrigue.  I wasn’t hugely impressed with their first album, and this one feels even more thin and uninteresting.


~ by toren on March 15, 2010.

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